Orienteering is a sport that combines running and navigation – a cross-country race where everyone picks their own route. Using a detailed map and a compass, participants try to find the fastest route from on checkpoint to another. Orienteering is very popular in Europe, in particular in Scandinavia, where thousands of people of all ages participate in events. Every year, the best orienteers from countries around the world compete at the World Championship, organized by the International Orienteering Federation.

In the Montreal Region, the Ramblers Orienteering Club has been organizing events since the late 1960’s. It is a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers. The events are open to everyone, but you can also become a member. Beginners or families are always welcome at any of our events, and there are always  volunteers on-site, who are willing to give you a quick introduction.

Members can participate in all our local events without paying an entry fee. We are also always looking for help, so if you want to get involved, join one of our Working Groups.



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