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Husky-O 2018


Photos by Alex Vakulenko.

+ the brand new map by Dmitri Golovanov:

+ full results are here!

Snow-O events 2018

The winter season is in full swing with many Snow-O events coming up, among others our Husky-O near Rawdon on Saturday Februry 17. See our events page for the full listing.

+ Membership 2018: Renew or join the club! You can do this now online, and we accept electronic payment!

Score-O 2017

Our traditional season finale was once again the Score-O on Mt Royal.  This year with 50 controls, a time  limit of 2.5 hours, and special Rambler controls. Despite the wet conditions we had a great turn out, including some runners as far as Ottawa.

The course had 5 “Rambler” controls, which were distributed in 5 different sections of Mt Royal. Orienteers who collected all 5 “Rambler” controls did the “full ramble” on the mountain and received extra points. Great that many participants went for the long run (9 of 46 women, 41 of 73 men, and 10 of 36 teams).

Thanks to course setter Sven von Fellenberg for making all this happen, the volunteers and all the participants for coming out, it was a blast. Until next time!

The Winners of each category are listed below:
(The full results are here.)

1. Francis Falardeau 1:49.40
2. Thomas Kneubühler 1:49:51
3. Alexander Bergstrom 1:53:35

1. Mette Ozol 760 pts
2. Aurore Varela 720 pts
3. Lucie Desfontaines 610 pts

1. Blaze (Youri + Louis Simon Capistran) 730 pts
2. Bull’s head (David Leclair & Carl Pearson) 710 pts
3. Princess Casey (Andrew, Casey (2) Rhodes & Zou Tingting) 680 pts

Youth Men
1. Eric Crotty 620 pts
2. Sean Meath 600 pts
3. Paul Vlassov and Frédéric Marin, both 570 pts

Youth Women
1. Elly Trépanier 600 pts
2. Eliane Beauvais, Laurie Desilets Trudeau, and Jennifer Strudwick
(all 340 pts)

+ some photos:

Planning the course in two minutes only – at the Grand Chalet on Mt. Royal

Start at 10 am

Two of the top runners in the Youth Categories, Elly (1.women) and Sean (2.men).

They got all 50 controls in less then 2 hours: Francis Falardeau, Thomas Kneubühler and Alexander Bergstrom.

+ The full set of photos are here!
(thanks to Anna Fichman)

Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships 2017

It was the biggest orienteering event in Montreal since decades. We had on both days over 200 participants, coming from all over Canada, the US, and even some from Europe. For the event, we inaugurated two brand new maps on Montreal’s  West Island, which provided challenges for all levels. A big thanks to meet director  Dmitri Golovanov who initiated the event, Bruce Glen for setting the courses on both days, and Orienteering Ottawa for the tremendous support. And all the many volunteers and runners who came out for this wonderful weekend!

+ The results with all the new champions:
Long: Overall Results | Splits by class | Splits by Course
Middle: Overall Results | Splits by class | Splits by Course

+ The maps and courses from both days are on RouteGadget:
Long: Maps & Courses  |  SplitsBrowser
Middle:  Maps & Course  |  SplitsBrowser

+ Some impressions from the event:

More photos from both days are on Flickr, and the videos are on Vimeo.

Montreal Short Distance Championships 2017

The first edition of the Montreal Short Distance Championships took place in the lower part of Mount Royal, on the revised north section of the map, Mont-Royal Flanc Est. The participants were facing a challenging course, which required full concentration.  In the men’s category, we saw a head to head race with three runners finishing only 44 seconds apart. At control #11, Thomas Schuessler took the lead and stayed at the top until the very end. The women’s class saw an equal  tight race between Lea Fabre and Olga Rayda, with Fabre finishing 48 seconds ahead. Xavier Corbeil finished on top among the Juniors, follwed by Pavel Vlassov, and Vladimir Gavrilov was the fastest in the  Masters class.

Congrats to all the new champions, and thanks to everyone  for coming out and contributing to the great atmosphere. Until next time!

The Results: Overall | Splits by Class | Splits by Course

GPS track by Sven von Fellenberg, who finished 2nd.

Alexandra Paille, 3rd in the women’s category, at control #4.

Head to head: The top three runners in the men’s category were only 44 seconds apart. From left to right: Francis Falardeau, Thomas Schuessler and Sven von Fellenberg.

+ More Photos on Flickr

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