The Ramblers are well aware that junior participation in events and training will ensure that our sport survives and thrives, at home as well as abroad. For this reason, our club offers juniors a grant of up to $300 per year for all out-of-town A-meets that they attend.

To apply, the junior needs to write us a letter/email outlining her/his interest in Orienteering, and how she/he will contribute to involving their friends in the sport. Parents’ help is more than welcome.


Azimut Laurentians Junior Orienteering Camp 2018 – Blazing Trails

The fruit of a year’s worth of preparation, negotiations and fundraising, this summer’s junior orienteering camp has been a thorough success for all those involved, and for the future of the sport in our province.

What I liked the most was spending time with amazing people. Every day was carefully planned:
A typical day starts with breakfast followed by orienteering training in the forest or a trip (for example to a Husky farm or to Acro-Nature). We then got to enjoy time at the beach, at the pool or got to play minigolf until lunch. After lunch, there’s another training session in the forest followed by swimming and games until supper. Some evenings also had one hour of orienteering theory. Finally the day ends by a campfire where we play games and and sing.”  – Irina Grabovskaia, camp medic

“I learned how to use a compass, how to read a map, and how to navigate in the forest during the day and at night. I also explored the Laurentian Mountains. The camp’s main location is Morin Heights but each training session took place in a different corner of the Laurentians. After training we would go swimming to various natural beaches.
It was my first orienteering experience and I’m very glad I participated!Eugene Beiline, camp volunteer

Thanks to a special Snowshoe-O and several bake sales organized to raise funds, we were able to gather a total of $597, which helped certain families fund a camp experience for their kids

Mark your calendars – the dates have already been set for the next summer!

Impressions of the Juniors Camp 2018