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O-Week this Summer

If you are around in the second half of July, you might want to join one of  the events of the COC 2019 Week , which will take place from July 20-28. It starts with the Ottawa O-Fest on the weekend of July 20/21, and will end with the Canadian Orienteering Championship 2019 in Rawdon on July 27/28, with some races in Morin Heights and Laval in between. All the events have courses for Novice runners as well (so called Open categories). And it is at the same time a chance to run with the best runners from the country, so there will be something for everyone!

For some events pre-registration is required. See the event page for the COC 2019 Week for  full schedule and details.

+ Volunteers:
It is the first time that the Rambler are organizing the Canadian Orienteering Championship, and we will need many volunteers on the weekend from July 26 to 28. Even when volunteering you can still participate in the event. Interested? You can sign up here or contact our volunteer coordinator at

Schedule of the O-Week, including the locations. Photo above by Willie Carroll.

Score – O 2018

1. Aurore Varela 540 pts
2. Lucie Defontaines 520 pts
3. Evelyne Shousha 510 pts

1. Francis Falardeau   1:28:15
2. Stephen Novosad   1:48:00
3. Martin Valiquette   1:53:00

Accro O Sport   01:41:02
NB Veterans   01:44:42
Sara & Dave   560 pts

Full results are here!

Night-O at Parc Maisonneuve

Night-O at Parc Maisonneuve on September 22nd – it was a beauty!

Fall Schedule

Fall arrived, and with it many great orienteering events with new maps and formats! For the complete list of the upcoming events please  have a look at our Event Page. In addition to our local events,  Ottawa Orienteering Club will organize their  O-Fest on the Thanksgiving weekend October 6 – 8, with a Sprint, Middle and Long Distance event – well worth the trip. See you in the woods!

Mount Royal Classic – Quebec Cup Series

This year’s Mount Royal Classic saw a number of new faces beating the local heroes on their home mountain. Well over a dozen of runners fom Ottawa came over to compete in this 2nd of 5 “Quebec Cup” events. In the men’s long-advanced course, Irish national team runner (and new Montrealer!) Eoin McCullough won with a time of just over an hour, 3:52 ahead of Ramblers’ Francis Falaredeau. Third place (+5:33) went to young talent Robert Graham from Ottawa Orienteering, an impressive performance for a first-timer on the mountain.

In the women’s long-advanced, the battle was between two runners from Ottawa, with Marketa Graham winning over Elisabeth Fink (+6.19).

The short-advanced course was dominated by the performances of two other Irish runners, Elizabeth and Martin Jakobsson. They had actually only flown into Montreal for a wedding, were still hung-over and hence decided to “only” do the short-advanced. What else would you do on the only free day you have in Montreal, before you fly back home? No better way to get to know the mountain than go orieneering! The battle between the two spouses was on, with Martin admitting that his wife would usually beat him on flat ground. But Mount Royal proved to be too hilly! Martin Jakobsson won the men’s in 41:19, ahead of Rambler Ciprian Coman (+8:36). Martin’s wife Elizabeth Jakobsson won the women’s in 52:45, ahead of Janette Finderup from Ottawa Orienteering (1:20).

We had an unexpectedly high turnout with 171 people, and 119 starts. The great weather surely helped. For the first time, we used the CEPSUM as start location, which put a new twist to all courses. All courses had more elevation than usual to cover.

Thanks to all volunteers for their help!

For complete results and photos see our Result page.

Sven von Fellenberg
Event director and course setter

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