The Quiz-O: Check out our touch-free permanent courses on the Island of Montreal!

During these difficult times when we cannot leave the province for a non-essential reason, we have designed a series of Orienteering courses that you can do any day, on your own time and at your own pace. This activity is free and open to all. During this activity, remember to practice social distancing. Please comply with all of the applicable regulations. For instance, in the Nature Parks, only trails and open areas are suitable for walking and running.

Choose a course listed below. Download a printable map of the course, and the questions that you need to answer at each control (PDF and online quiz). If you have no access to a color printer, feel free to email us, and we’ll send you the maps you’ve chosen (e-mail:

Start at the start triangle, and visit each control location in order. The feature you are looking for will be at the center of each control circle. Use the quiz link to find the questions you must answer at each control.

Please do not be shy and give us your feedback: we are in unchartered territory here. And consider joining our Club!

Good luck and stay safe!
For the Board of Directors,
Anna Fichman


Parc Angrinon (>Start)
Beginners Course: MapQuiz (pdf) |  Quiz (online form)

Pointe-aux-Tremble (>Start)
Course #1 (beginner): MapQuiz (pdf) |  Quiz (online form)
Course #2 (beginner): MapQuiz (pdf) |  Quiz (online form)
Course #3: (intermediate) MapQuiz (pdf) |  Quiz (online form)